VCI Pallet covers

VCI PE cover for use on pallets and collars, or as a protective cover with inturned corners for a good fit where rust protection is required. Ideally complement with VCI paper or VCI chips for further protection where the demands are higher. For suitable packaging solutions with optimum rust protection, please contact your sales contact or customer services.

Artikel Bredd (mm) Invik Längd (mm) Tjocklek (mm) Kvantitet
VCI pallhuv 900/600x1400x0,100 M3 900 600 1400 0,1
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VCI pallhuv 1250/850x1600x0,100 M3 1250 850 1600 0,1
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VCI pallet cover M3.15 1250/850x1800mm 1800 850 1250 0,15
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