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The bubble-wrap readily adapts to the shape of different products and also makes a good filler material. The bubble-wrap is coextruded, which means the bubbles keep their air for far longer than conventional bubble-wrap. Other properties: shock-absorbing, reusable, waterproof, transparent, insulating and weldable.

Artikel Bredd (mm) Längd (m) Tjocklek (mm) Kvantitet
Bubbelfolie Aircap TL 0,3x75m, 10mm, perf/30cm 300 75 10
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Bubbelfolie Aircap EL 0,75x150m, 4,2mm, barriärbubbla 750 150 4,2
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Bubbelfolie Aircap EL 1,0x150m, 4,2mm, barriärbubbla 1000 150 4,2
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Bubbelfolie Aircap EL 1,5x150m, 4,2mm, barriärbubbla 1500 150 4,2
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