VCI anti rust paper

VCI paper for protecting corrosion-sensitive metals. Can be used for wrapping, as a buffer or a separating layer in packaging. VCI paper comes in several grammages and in smooth, creped or PE coated. VCI paper quality U (universal) is suitable for use with steel, cast iron (on contact), copper, bronze, aluminium and zinc. For suitable packaging solutions with optimum rust protection, please contact your sales contact or customer services.

Artikel Längd (mm) Bredd (mm) Vikt (g/m²) Kvantitet
VCI chips Branorost U 150x100mm 940 g/m² 150 100 940
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VCI rostskyddspapper U7 750x1140mm, 72gr 750 1140 72
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VCI chips U 1190x790mm 1190 790 940
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